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Monday, 10.23.2017

.NET Reflector®

Latest version: 

Explore, browse, and analyze .NET assemblies

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  • Explore, browse, and analyze .NET assemblies in an easy-to-understand, natural way
  • Understand the relationships between classes
  • Check that your code has been correctly obfuscated before release
1- Download .NET Reflector: /programs/Reflector.zip
2- Download .NET Add In to Visual Studio: /programs/Reflector_6.0.0.892_Deploy_Add_in.zip

How to use .NET Reflector :

How to use Add in: 

Getting started in three simple steps

Step 1 
Once you've downloaded the file, unzip everything. Then run .NET Reflector, which will automatically install the Visual Studio add-in.

new Reflector interface

Step 2 
Open your project in Visual Studio and go to the .NET Reflector menu. Click on the Choose Assemblies to Debug option.

.NET Reflector menu in Visual Studio


Step 3
From the .NET Reflector dialog below, pick the assemblies to debug. .NET Reflector will decompile the assemblies so you can use step-through debugging in Visual Studio.

Choose assemblies to debug dialog